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About Brookmount Gold

Nils Ollquist, CEO

Nils Ollquist, Chief Executive Officer of Brookmount Mining Company, boasts a remarkable career deeply rooted in the realms of banking and entrepreneurship. With a keen focus on nurturing and actualizing relationships with key corporate clients, Ollquist has traversed diverse global territories, leaving an indelible mark on the financial landscape.

Drawing from a wealth of experience that spans over four decades, Nils Ollquist has traversed the intricacies of the government and private sectors. His journey encompasses multifaceted domains, including the federal government treasury, manufacturing, financial services, and mining. Armed with degrees in economics and law from the prestigious Australian National University, Ollquist embarked on an international career that saw him occupy pivotal roles in renowned banks across the United States and Asia.

Nils Ollquist, CEO Brookmount Gold, Inc.

In 1993, Nils Ollquist transitioned into the realm of entrepreneurship by founding an independent advisory firm in Hong Kong. This venture, duly licensed by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission, reflected Ollquist’s visionary spirit and marked the inception of a new chapter in his professional journey. Over the ensuing two decades, his entrepreneurial prowess continued to blossom, leading him to establish and oversee the operations of a thriving precious metals mining company based in Indonesia.

Nils Ollquist’s trajectory is a testament to his multifaceted expertise, resilience, and visionary leadership. His enduring commitment to client satisfaction, coupled with a dynamic blend of financial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, underscores his pivotal role in shaping and steering Brookmount Mining Company to new heights of success.

EDUCATION Nils Ollquist pursued his education at The Australian National University, graduating with a double degree in Economics and Law (BEc/LLb) from 1975 to 1981. During his time at the university, he actively participated in various extracurricular activities, showcasing his diverse interests. This included being a part of the tennis team, engaging in sailing, and contributing to rowing squads.

Before his time at the Australian National University, Nils spent the academic year 1973-1974 at the American International School in Vienna, Austria. This international experience likely contributed to his global perspective and understanding.

His earlier years of education took place at Scotch College in Perth, West Australia, where he attended from 1969 to 1972. This period laid the foundation for his academic journey and eventual accomplishments in the fields of economics and law.

Errin Kimball, Executive Director, Chief Geologist

Bringing three decades of expertise in exploration and mining development, Errin Kimball, Executive Director of Global Operations at Brookmount Mining Corp, is a distinguished mining and energy explorationist with expertise spanning all phases of mine development and commercialization. From conceptualization to mine closure and reclamation, Mr. Kimball has excelled in his role, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Mr. Kimball’s career includes serving as the Geological Technologist for Romarco Minerals, a company later acquired by OceanaGold Corp for a substantial $856 million. In his early years, he was fortunate to be on the exploration teams that led to the discovery of the renowned DIAVIK – Rio Tinto Diamond Mine, Canada’s second diamond mine, boasting a remarkable production of 100 million carats of high-quality rough diamonds.

With a track record of discovering over 10 billion barrels of bitumen, Mr. Kimball has made significant contributions to both private and public mining companies. His impactful roles include serving at Kennecott Canada Inc. (Rio Tinto) and Cominco Inc./Teck Resources. Notably, as the Chief Geologist for Synenco Energy, Mr. Kimball’s team was credited with discovering 2.4 billion barrels of bitumen, leading to Synenco Energy’s later acquisition by TOTAL for approximately $480 million.

Prior to his corporate leadership roles, Mr. Kimball served as the Aggregate and Industrial Minerals Geologist for the Alberta Geological Survey Dept., where he played a key role in stewarding the Province of Alberta’s Aggregate and Industrial Mineral Resources.

Mr. Kimball earned his Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Geology from the University of Alberta and holds an Honors Diploma in Mineral Exploration Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. His educational background, combined with his extensive hands-on experience, has solidified Mr. Kimball’s reputation as a leader and innovator in the mining and energy exploration sector.

Fred Kempson, Independent Director 

Mr. Fred Charles Kempson, a true asset to Brookmount Gold, boasts extensive international banking experience, with a profound focus on the resources industry, particularly in the Australian and UK gold and coal markets. Having held Chief Executive roles, including Australasian Head for Security Pacific Bank and Australian Investment Finance Corporation, Fred’s expertise extends to consortium banks, such as ANZ Banking Group and Bank of Montreal. He served as the Australian Representative for the Swiss Private banking subsidiary of Bank of New York and currently holds directorial positions with Norseman Gold PLC (UK) and AHA Retail Partners PLC (UK).

Mr. Kempson, a prominent Australian businessperson, has led five different companies and currently holds key positions as the Chairman of Simple Trade Pty Ltd., Managing Director at Kempson Capital Pty Ltd., and Chairman of E-tivity Corp. (APAC) Pty Ltd. With an impressive portfolio, he serves on the board of eight other companies.

In his illustrious career, Mr. Kempson has held significant positions such as Chairman at Security Pacific Bank New Zealand Ltd., Managing Director at Australian Investment Finance Ltd., Chief Executive Officer-Australia at Security Pacific National Bank, and Chairman of the Australian Merchant Bankers Association.

Frederick Charles Kempson earned his undergraduate degree from The University of New South Wales.

Nicholas Medway, Independent Director

Nicholas Medway, an accomplished Independent Director, boasts a distinguished career spanning both public and private sectors, commencing in 1995. His multifaceted professional journey reflects his versatility and prowess in various domains, showcasing his acumen as a leader and strategist.

Kicking off his career trajectory, Mr. Medway held a senior executive position in a major telecommunications company, where he honed his strategic and managerial skills. This early experience laid the foundation for his subsequent ventures, underscoring his commitment to excellence in the corporate arena.

In a pivotal shift, Medway joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 2000 as a commissioned officer and pilot, contributing his expertise to the nation’s defense. His tenure in the Air Force not only showcased his dedication to service but also marked a phase where he demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Post his service in the Air Force, Medway transitioned into the senior echelons of federal law enforcement, where he became a stalwart in the realm of criminal and regulatory compliance. Armed with an insightful understanding of legal intricacies and a proactive approach to enforcement, he rose through the ranks, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of law enforcement.

As Mr. Medway’s career continued to ascend, it saw him gravitate to the role of CEO in the private sector, a testament to his adeptness in steering organizations toward success. His tenure as a chief executive underscored his knack for strategic decision-making and his ability to navigate the complexities of corporate governance with finesse.

Continuing his trajectory of impactful roles, Medway assumed the position of Enforcement Director at Border Force Australia, a role that epitomized his commitment to upholding the integrity of national borders. In this capacity, he played a pivotal role in shaping and implementing robust enforcement strategies, contributing significantly to the enhancement of Australia’s border security apparatus.

Throughout his career, Nicholas Medway has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a strategic vision that transcends sectors. His vast experience in both public service and corporate leadership positions him as a sought-after Independent Director, bringing a wealth of knowledge, leadership acumen, and a proven track record of success to any board or organization fortunate enough to benefit from his expertise. Brookmount Gold Corp is proud to have Mr. Medway’s experience and vision on our team.

Chris Lim, CFO

Chris Lim is a highly qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an extensive professional background spanning more than 15 years, bringing a wealth of expertise to the fields of audit and accounting. His journey in the realm of finance has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to maintaining the highest standards in financial practices.

A pivotal chapter of his career unfolded during the formative years at Deloitte Touche in Melbourne, where Mr. Lim spent two years honing his skills and gaining invaluable experience in the intricacies of financial auditing. This foundational period at a globally renowned firm equipped him with a robust understanding of industry best practices and a keen insight into the complexities of financial systems.

Demonstrating adaptability and versatility, Mr. Lim has seamlessly transitioned into roles as a contract Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a series of companies listed on the US stock exchanges. This experience has not only broadened his financial acumen but has also allowed him to navigate the dynamic landscape of US financial regulations and reporting standards. Serving as a contract CFO has necessitated a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by publicly traded entities, requiring a strategic approach to financial management, compliance, and reporting.

One of his key strengths lies in his proficiency as a United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) accountant. This qualification underscores his ability to navigate the intricacies of the US accounting framework, ensuring that financial reporting is not only accurate but also in strict adherence to the established standards. Furthermore, his qualifications extend to compliance with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) guidelines, emphasizing a commitment to the highest level of accountability and transparency in financial reporting for publicly traded companies. These skills and areas of expertise are going to play an instrumental part of our passing the current audit and uplisting on the NASDAQ.

Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Lim has consistently demonstrated a proactive approach to staying abreast of evolving industry standards, regulatory changes, and emerging trends in accounting and finance. His expertise, combined with a track record of success, positions him as a seasoned financial professional capable of providing strategic financial leadership and ensuring the fiscal integrity of organizations in a dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape.