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Monthly Brookmount Gold Updates – From CEO

Every month, our CEO will be recapping the previous month and explaining the latest developments with BrookMount Gold. The goal is to keep our shareholders continually up to speed. Check back often!


January Update

Happy New Year & Thank you for your interest in Brookmount Gold! 

Clearly we live in troubled times, some would say the most precarious since the second world war. Fortunately for Brookmount and other gold producers, in troubled times, gold is always a reliable and secure safe haven for investors. At this point it seems that the long awaited appreciation of the gold price is forming. We’re fortunate and excited to be in the position where we are not simply a gold miner, but an actual gold producer!  We are profitable, growing, and holding multiple other assets, which we are planning to bring into production as the year unfolds.

We are in a very strong position as both a high growth opportunity as an investment alternative to offset the precarious uncertain economic climate the world appears to be in. Our most recent update is detailed in the recent press release as shown below. The initiative is part of our strategy to extract maximum value from our 3 North American gold properties by accelerating the path to full production, and to create 2 individual public listed companies in our Group to maximise return to our shareholders.

We are also arranging for a special dividend of shares in the new listed company to be distributed to our existing shareholders to reflect our appreciation for their commitment and patience whilst we moved through our development process.

Jan 10th, 2024 Special Dividend Press Release

Interested investors can find a research report on Brookmount which was undertaken by Litchfield Hills Research in November 2022 and updated in March last year. The report was based on financial performance data which has continued to show a positive trend since then.

Nov 15th 2022 – Litchfield Hills Initial Report
Feb 2th 2023 – Updated Litchfield Hills Report

Nils Ollquist, CEO.