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McArthur Creek (USA)

Positioned as a pivotal conduit to robust cash flow within Brookmount’s extensive portfolio of North American properties, McArthur Creek emerges as a beacon of opportunity. Anchored by a prodigious ‘pay zone,’ boasting dimensions of 25 feet in thickness and over 100 feet in width, this property stands as a treasure trove awaiting exploration and exploitation. What sets this ‘pay zone’ apart is its unique characteristic of requiring minimal overburden removal, with a staggering 90% of the material still awaiting processing—an untapped reservoir of considerable value.

The legitimacy and richness of this gold-laden pay zone have been thoroughly established and validated through comprehensive exploration and geological assessments. The gold recovery process, well-understood and tailored to the nature of the gold, positions McArthur Creek as a strategic asset in Brookmount’s pursuit of efficient and lucrative gold production.

In terms of infrastructure readiness, McArthur Creek already boasts essential camp facilities and a significant portion of the startup infrastructure, minimizing the lead time to commence operations. Currently, approximately 2,000 linear feet out of the more than 10,000 linear feet available are exposed and ready for processing, laying the foundation for a phased approach to gold extraction.

McArthur Creek Gold

Brookmount’s operational strategy at McArthur Creek extends beyond mere extraction. The company plans to continue the systematic unveiling, evaluation, and stockpiling of the pay zone ahead of processing, ensuring a sustainable and strategic approach to resource utilization. Simultaneously, a steadfast commitment to real-time reclamation efforts, coupled with vigilant water recycling and containment management, underscores Brookmount’s dedication to responsible and environmentally conscious mining practices.  Situated in the Alaskan segment of the Tintina Gold Belt, in close proximity to the Canadian border and effectively neighboring the Yukon property, McArthur Creek enjoys a strategic alignment with Brookmount’s broader gold mining assets. This geographical advantage facilitates streamlined logistics, cost savings, and the seamless coordination of operations across multiple properties.

Nils Ollquist, the visionary CEO of Brookmount Gold, expressed enthusiasm about the commencement of operations at McArthur Creek, emphasizing its role in showcasing the company’s efficiency in gold acquisition and production. Brookmount Gold’s strategic foray into McArthur Creek marks a significant milestone, affirming its commitment to unlocking the full potential of its diverse North American gold mining portfolio.

“McArthur Creek will demonstrate our capability to acquire and produce gold efficiently and promptly, ultimately elevating value for our shareholders in the long run.” Nils Ollquist, CEO.

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