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North American Gold will always take a common sense approach to sustainability and ESG practices. Health and safety is at the core of everything that we do. We will always strive to create a safe and healthy workplace. It is our future goal to get involved and be invested in our communities that support us and in turn we support them.

We are explorers and miners. Our work changes the physical environment, but it will not be destructive for the long term. It is in our nature to protect the environment that provides for us. We will continue to be active looking for the best ways to maintain and improve our surroundings and continually looking for innovative ways to manage our environment and all species affected by our activity. It is our duty to be leaders on this front.

Environmental sustainability will be carried forward on all our projects. This will establish a proud and sustainable business practices that will be a value-added component to our business model. We will remain vigilant to our HSE and ESG core values as it will lay the foundation for our success.

Corporate Values (This will be for North American Gold)

  1. To achieve a best-in-class safety & loss management culture, program and results
  2. To operate with integrity and professionalism
  3. To attain superior financial performance and return value to our shareholders.
  4. To achieve excellence in our operations
  5. To assemble and retain an upper strong staff and achieve a high level of employee satisfaction.