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Talawaan, Indonesia

The Talawaan, Indonesia Claim Operation, Highlights, & Advantages

Strategic Location and Size

Our highest producing claim currently is our project in Talawaan, Indonesia, covering a vast 50-hectare reserve. Positioned in a high-grade volcanic-hosted sediment body near the Manado airport, this location boasts strategic significance in the district.

Modernized Processing Facility

Recent renovations and upgrades at our onsite processing facility have been increasing efficiencies and lowering costs. Boasting more than 50 ball mills (ore crushers), five high-capacity floatation tanks, tailing ponds, and off-site smelting operations, our facility is at the forefront of efficiency and productivity. Our meticulous ore extraction process based on existing ore distribution data and onsite drill tests have also increased productivity. Ore is excavated at shallow depths from strategic locations on the property, showcasing our commitment to resource optimization.

Nils Ollquist, CEO, signing agreement extension – 5/8/23

Collaborative Ventures

Our enduring partnerships with third-party operators who entrust their ore processing needs to us continues. Our facility processes ore on a contract basis, fostering long-lasting business relationships and contributing to the growth of our company and our partners and maintaining stable labor costs. In addition, our innovative processing methods include ball mills and floatation tanks. These methods not only reduce ore particle size but also facilitate efficient separation and cyanidation processes, showcasing our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

The Result: Efficient Smelting Operations

Explore our final smelting processes, culminating in gold refinement at our wholly-owned offsite facilities. These facilities are equipped to refine gold to phase 1 (“dore” of 60-75% purity) and phase 2 (investment grade) gold of 99% purity, highlighting our dedication to delivering high-quality products. Extension Signed May 2023 CEO, Nils Ollquist, signed an extension to the existing operating agreement for this gold mining claim in Talawaan, Indonesia. The signing occurred at the Company’s Notary office in Manado. (See image below) Press Releases For Talawaan

Nils Ollquist, CEO of Brookmount Gold, shakes hands with Talawaan Team Member.

Talawaan Video Gallery

Talawaan, Indonesia – Aerial Footage

Talawaan, Indonesia – Mining Process

Talawaan Photo Gallery