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Investor Calls

Dedicated to our Shareholders!

Investor calls stand as a cornerstone of Brookmount Gold’s commitment to transparency, communication, and fostering strong relationships with our valued stakeholders. These calls serve as a direct line of connection between the leadership team, led by CEO Nils Ollquist, and our esteemed investors. In an ever-evolving economic landscape, We know these calls cannot be overstated, as they provide valuable insight and key updates as well as discuss financial performance, and outline our strategic vision. 

Our shareholders deserve answers and in our effort to instill confidence in our investors and reinforce Brookmount Gold’s dedication to maintaining strong, collaborative partnerships, we will continue to bring these calls on a regular basis as we navigate the exciting journey of gold mining and exploration.  Thank you for your continued interest!


Investor Call August 23rd 2023
CEO, Nils Ollquist

Investor Call May 31st 2023
CEO, Nils Ollquist

Investor Call March 7th 2023
CEO, Nils Ollquist