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Yukon (CAN)

Yukon Gold Project: A Cornerstone of Brookmount Gold’s Mining Portfolio

Strategic Positioning for Near-Term Gold Production

Brookmount Gold proudly identifies the Yukon Gold Project as a cornerstone within its comprehensive mining portfolio, emphasizing its significance as a compelling and financially rewarding gold mining asset situated in Canada. This project strategically positions itself as a Canadian-based exploration target, showcasing immense promise for generating gold in the near term from both placer and hard rock sources. The Yukon Gold Project has undergone a meticulous partial survey adhering to the rigorous 43-101 requirements, affirming its robustness and contributing to a current estimated total resource of an impressive 39,000 ounces of gold (oz au).

A Testament to Strategic Vision

The acquisition of Yukon by Brookmount Gold stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to securing valuable mining assets. With the project, this acquisition underscores Brookmount Gold’s strategic vision and dedication to enhancing its gold mining portfolio through promising and high-yield ventures. 
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Geological Setting: A Proven Gold-Rich Environment

The geological setting of Yukon is particularly notable, sharing similarities with renowned gold deposits in the surrounding areas, such as the Coffee Creek deposit (1.8 million ounces), the Pogo Mine (4.6 million ounces), and the Fort Knox mine (2.0 million ounces). This shared geological context places Yukon within a proven and prolific gold-rich environment, elevating expectations for substantial and economically viable gold deposits.

Expansive Land Package: Room for Exploration and Discovery

Encompassing a vast expanse with 234 quartz mineral claims covering approximately 4300 hectares, the Yukon Gold Project’s expansive land package not only emphasizes the project’s scale but also offers ample room for exploration and potential gold discoveries. The presence of numerous gold mineralized drill-ready targets further solidifies Yukon’s status as a highly prospective site for gold extraction.

Regulatory Readiness: Ensuring Seamless Progression

Integral to the seamless progression of exploration and production activities, Yukon benefits from the secure groundwork laid through the acquisition of exploration permits and water licenses. This regulatory readiness ensures that Brookmount Gold can navigate the operational landscape efficiently and in adherence to environmental standards.

Ambitious Plans for the future: Paving the Way for Prolific Gold Production

Excitingly, Brookmount Gold has announced ambitious plans for the Yukon Gold Project, with initial production through bulk sampling scheduled to commence by the end of 2024 into the beginning 2025. This milestone signifies a crucial moment in realizing Yukon’s potential as a prolific gold producer. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to refining the produced gold to the highest level of purity (9999), aligning with the stringent standards required for investment-grade items, including bullion and coins. This unwavering commitment to excellence positions Yukon not only as a valuable mining asset for Brookmount Gold but also as a reliable source of refined gold for discerning investors and collectors.

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